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Chat GPT - Inspiration to get started

I’m just starting my ChatGPT journey. I’m terrible at tech. This is how I have been using it.

At first, it's good to try out the basics, for example "Write a sales email introducing my company's services" or "Create 10 taglines for my business."

It can be quite addictive, like the first time you discover Alexa!

Here are some great ways to use Chat GPT.

1) Research the person you are meeting

You already do this - now try it with AI.

Example: “Tomorrow I’m meeting Morgan Stanley CPO Mandell Crawley. Give me 5 talking points about challenges he is facing and 3 about his background and career path.” Tell ChatGPT to dig deeper into these points.

[BIG caveat: GPT systems are prone to ‘hallucinate’ (give you false info). I highly recommend running the same query through Bing’s chat and Google Bard. If you’re running through ChatGPT, note that its memory stops in Sept. 2021 (unless you have a browsing plug-in). Check your work!

2.) Become the ideal applicant.

You’ve found the perfect job posting. Tell ChatGPT “I’m giving you a job description, followed by my resume. Tweak the language in my experiences and improve phrasing to make me a better match for the job and highlight what I can say in the interview.” It’ll do wonders with recruiting algorithms and narrow-minded recruiters.

3.) Stop slogging through boring videos.

Need to watch a YouTube video to learn about a topic? Stop cranking it two times and trying to catch the gist.

Below the video, click the three dots. Click ‘Show transcript.’ Select and copy. Tell ChatGPT “Summarize this in 5 sentences, highlight any mention of XYZ and ignore time stamps.” Something catches your eye. Tell ChatGPT “Tell me more about XYZ.”

4.) Benchmark stuff.

Even the *word* benchmarking is boring. It’s labor-intensive and is rarely prioritized but is critical for your work. I’m at NYU Stern, so I tell ChatGPT “Give me 10 other MBA programs that have a Fintech club and what activities they’ve been running.” Knowing what peers are doing will level-set you in about 2 minutes. (If you want more recent than Sept 2021, use Bing in Creative mode.)

5.) Ask ChatGPT whether you sprained your ankle.

ChatGPT is good at medical advice - you just must ask the right way. (Disclaimer: Check with a doctor) Tell ChatGPT how you hurt your ankle, explain how your ankle feels, mention prior conditions, etc. Then - importantly - ask ChatGPT to cite its sources, so you can be sure it’s not pulling information from some lunatic on Reddit talking about how you hurt your ankle by ingesting too many ill vibrations.


What do you think?

Leave your suggestions as comments.

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